prazo de reflexão



cooling-off period


Comparative law notes


Section 49 of the Brazilian Consumer Code (law No. 8,078/1990) provides that "the consumer has the right to withdraw from the agreement [to purchase a product or service] within seven days from the date of execution of the agreement or from the date the product or service is received, provided that the transaction occurred outside of the commercial establishment, especially by phone or through door-to-door sales". This period is known as "prazo de reflexão" (period of reflection).

Definitions of cooling-off period


a length of time during which a person that has agreed to the terms of a contract can change their mind and cancel the contract without loss, especially in consumer contracts

The proposals include a cooling-off period of 14 days for shoppers.


an interval during which disputing parties can try to settle before taking further action

This triggered a 30-day cooling-off period under the Act, at the expiration of which the Act permits a union to resort to a strike.