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Definitions of sequestration


(US) compulsory cuts to the budget (=the amount of money a government allocates for services such as schools, healthcare and defence etc)

If sequestration goes ahead, the Department of Defense will cut another $500 billion from the defense budget.


the act of keeping a witness or a jury in isolation during a trial to avoid wrongful influence over what a witness says or what a jury decides (eg through undue persuasion, threats or bribes)

The case came to a standstill following an application by state prosecutors for jury selection and sequestration.


the act of taking legal possession of someone's assets until a debt has been paid or other claims have been met; the act of seizing something (=taking forcible possession of something); confiscation

Ms Kinley was granted a sequestration order against Mr Devine because he had not paid any of the £35,000 compensation he owed her.