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Definitions of ekspropriasjon

The term "ekspropriasjon" (sometimes also "oreigning") is defined in section 16-1 of the Norwegian Planning and Building Act as the situation where ownership of real property or of a building or other object permanently installed on such property is forcibly acquired in return for compensation set on a discretionary basis, or when a right to use, easement or other right to, in or over real property is forcibly acquired, amended, transferred or superseded in return for compensation set on a discretionary basis.

Section 2(a) of the Norwegian Expropriation Compensation Act defines expropriation as forcible surrender of title to or other rights over separate real property.

Definitions of expropriation

the act of taking away or modifying property (or a property interest) from a private person by the state

The expropriation took effect on 26 January, the Commission on Restitution of Land Rights said in a statement.

the act of taking away money or property illegally

"The justification from the paramilitaries was that they had to chase the rebels, but the result was the illegal expropriation of the peoples' farms ."