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Definitions of bedrageri

Defined in section 371 of the Norwegian Penal Code as doing the following with the intention of obtaining an illicit gain for oneself or another person: 1) causing, reinforcing or exploiting a mistaken belief and thereby unlawfully inducing a person to do or to omit to do something which causes someone a loss or risk of loss; or 2) using false or incomplete information, modifying data or a computer system, using a credit card or debit card belonging to another person or otherwise illicitly influencing the result of automated data processing and thereby causing someone a loss or risk of loss.

Definitions of fraud

if you commit a fraud then you deliberately lie or do not give important information because you want someone else to rely on (=put trust in) this lie or incomplete information so that they will give up something of value, usually money; the crime of getting money by deceiving (=tricking) someone

His actions were misleading but did not rise to the level of fraud.