Definitions of bigamy

the crime of marrying or entering into a civil partnership with a person when you are already legally married to, or in a civil partnership with, someone else

A chef is starting a jail sentence for bigamy after his wife grew suspicious after learning of a second previous marriage.

Karl sails to America. Shortly after this it's reported that the boat sinks with everyone on board drowning. Six years later, Helga marries again. Then Karl, alive and well, returns. Is Helga guilty of bigamy? Pause the podcast if you'd like a moment to think about this. Well, this is based on a case that was heard in the late 1800s. And initially, the court held that the wife was guilty. However, on appeal it was held she had no intention to commit bigamy and so should not be declared a criminal. The judge said that it was quite misfortune enough, the contracting of an invalid marriage.