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Comparative law notes

In Germany, this form of engagement - a seriously expressed promised to marry - creates an enforceable contract. The effects of this enforceable promise is that a breach of an engagement contract will create a duty to compensate the other engaged person and his or her parents for any losses caused by the expenses incurred in the expectation of marriage (sec. 1298 BGB) and a claim for the return of engagement presents (sec. 1301 BGB).

Definitions of engagement

a battle or period of time during a war; the action of beginning to fight someone

Nations need to define the rules of engagement for acts of cyber-terror.

an agreement between two people to marry; the period of time that two people are engaged before they marry

The couple announced their engagement on Wednesday.

an official arrangement to meet someone or do something at a particular time, especially one that is related to your work

Unfortunately I'll have to miss the meeting as I have a prior engagement.