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gewöhnlicher Aufenthalt



habitual residence


Comparative law notes

In the field of conflict of laws, habitual residence is the standard used to determine the law which should be applied to determine a given legal dispute. It can be contrasted with the law on domicile, traditionally used in common law jurisdictions to do the same thing. Habitual residence is less demanding than domicile, and the focus is more on past experience rather than future intention. There is normally only one habitual residence where the individual usually resides and routinely returns to after visiting other places. It is the geographical place considered "home" for a reasonably significant period of time.

Definitions of habitual residence

(COPYRIGHT LAW) an established place, especially a country, where a person lives for a long time without being a citizen of that place

A work is a Berne Convention work if one or more of the authors is domiciled, or has his or her habitual residence in, a nation adhering to the Berne Convention.

the place where someone usually lives, especially a child's usual place of residence before being taken to live somewhere else

Under the Hague Convention on Civil Procedure, children are to be returned to the country of habitual residence.