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dringende Gefahr





Comparative law notes

The words "threat" and"danger" have almost the same meaning in ordinary English. Thus, either of these words may be coupled with the word "imminent", which is the English equivalent of the German word "dringend" , depending the preferences in that English-speaking region. Either way, the word "threat" alone does not convey the urgency and immediacy suggested by the adjective "dringend" in that German phrase. Thus, we recommend either imminent threat or imminent danger as a proper translation of this German phrase.

Definitions of threat

a situation or an activity that could cause harm, trouble, or danger

Sneddon will only be released when he is judged to be no longer a threat.

spoken or written words to suggest that you may cause someone harm, trouble, or danger, often if they do not do what you want

Sometimes there must be the threat of force to prevent war.