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Comparative law notes


EN is polysemous. Add another meaning to our EN dict, which matches (full equivalent" the German term: "Issue" typically means a person's lineal descendants - all genetic descendants of a person, regardless of degree. Issue is a narrower category than heirs, which includes spouses, ancestors, and collaterals (siblings, cousins, aunts, and uncles). This meaning of issue arises most often in wills and trusts. A person who has no living lineal descendants is said to have died without issue. Wiki entry

Definitions of issue


a quantity of shares or bonds that are officially offered for sale at one time

A share issue was carried out to finance the new project.


a topic or subject etc; a legal question; a problem or question that people are concerned with

The legal issue in this case is whether the bundling of the two products was contrary to antitrust legislation.