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victim support


Comparative law notes


In China, there is no government compensation scheme to cover physicial or psychologicial injuries suffered as a result of a violent crime. However it is possible to attach a civil claim for compensation to the criminal case. In Hong Kong, victim support is provided under the Criminal and Law Enforcement Injuries Compensation (CLEIC) Scheme (暴力及执法伤亡赔偿计划). The scheme provides financial assistance to victims (or their dependants) who are injured, disabled or killed as a result of criminal violence, or being accidentally injured by a law enforcement officer. The scheme is non-means tested and payment would be made from public funds.

Definitions of victim support


Victim Support: a UK charity that helps people who have suffered because of a crime

A Victim Support spokesman said it was "very worrying" that personal data of victims of crime might be being accessed.


help given to people who have suffered because of a crime

We have offered her victim support.