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work product


Comparative law notes


At first glance, this German phrase seems very straight-forward and means merely "the result of work" ("Ergebnis einer Arbeit", Duden). However, the phrase often appears in the context of processing certain items of personal property (physical material) and determining who owns the personal property once it has been so processed and modified. An Arbeitsergebnis in those situations is considered a kind of "work product". Specifically, the German Civil Code proclaims under sec. 950 BGB that a new item of personal property that is produced by the employee by virtue of processing or transforming semi-finished or finished products will typically be considered owned by the employer. In those cases, we recommend using "work product" instead of "work result", which is a broader and more fluid phrase.

Definitions of work product


any physical materials or non-physical material (=oral or unwritten) prepared in relation to a legal procedure

We argued that the work product doctrine does not apply because Penn State did not hire Louis Freeh as an attorney.


something that has been produced during the course of work

The subsequent provision deals with the ownership of any work product developed during the term of the Agreement.