ofensa contra a honra praticada por meio escrito





Comparative law notes


In the Brazilian Penal Code, there is a category of so-called offenses against honor (in Portuguese, "crimes contra a honra"), which encompasses three types of offenses: "injúria" (insulting behavior), "calúnia" (criminal defamation by imputing a crime to someone) and "difamação" (criminal defamation, or damaging someone's reputation), each with its own characteristics and requirements (please refer to the respective word cards). Libel is roughly comparable to "difamação" in that both are the act of damaging someone's reputation. However, Brazilian law does not differentiate between publishing or saying bad things about someone. Moreover, while offenses against honor in the Brazilian legal system are crimes, libel is a tort. For all of these reasons, we recommend using the descriptive term "ofensa contra a honra praticada por meio escrito" when translating libel into Portuguese.

Definitions of libel


something untrue that you publish about someone that might damage their reputation

The libel against my client arose purely out of the performance of her duties with the Fire Authority.


the act of damaging the reputation of a person or a group of people by publishing bad things about them that are not true (libel includes all permanent forms of defamation including published texts, emails and photographs)

The editor of Tempo magazine has been jailed for libel in a case that has raised fears about press freedom.