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negligência médica



medical negligence


Comparative law notes


In Brazil, the term "negligência médica" denotes omission, since it refers specifically to the failure to do something or to exercise a certain degree of care. The general term used to refer to any damages caused to a patient as a result of a health care provider's action or ommission is "erro médico". An "erro médico" can be caused in three different ways: through a) negligence (in Portuguese, "negligência"); b) recklessness (in Portuguese, "imprudência") or c) unskilfullness (in Portuguese, "imperícia"). Therefore,"negligência médica" is a specific type of "erro médico" characterized by negligent behavior.

Definitions of medical negligence


the failure of a health care provider to do something which a reasonable health care provider would have done under the circumstances, and which causes injury or death to the patient

The Department of Health has concluded that medical negligence was behind the death of two infants in a government hospital on Friday.