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Comparative law notes


In an insolvency law context: under US bankruptcy law, the term avoidance has a distinct meaning. So-called "avoidance powers" allow the party invoking them, usually the trustee on behalf of creditors, to void (essentially nullify) certain transactions that the debtor made before filing for bankruptcy. Such translations may constitute fraudulent conveyances or may have been executing within a certain statutorily defined window of time prior to the bankruptcy filing.

Definitions of avoidance


a deliberate plan, policy, or attempt not do something, especially something wrong, dangerous, harmful, costly, or unpleasant; the practice or policy of preventing something from happening, of trying not to go near someone or something, or of evading or escaping someone or something

For the avoidance of doubt, the Capacity Expansion referenced in Section 3.5 (a) does not oblige any Party to provide additional funding to EverQ.